Great Days for All


Gregory M. Thompson

Colony Fan Fiction
All characters (C) by USA Network


She had resolve.

Lindsey felt adrenaline shooting through her blood, activating her huge smile (which always received compliments from the others), relaxing her once-taut muscles as she strolled within a block of the Bowman’s house.

Before she woke up today, she had been angry. No, furious. Charlie had caused it. She knew the moment the fire happened that Charlie purposely set the Greatest Day book on the burner. Lindsey didn’t need anyone to help her figure that out. That monster Charlie was threatened by her presence in the house. So, he lashed out. He was a blight on the Bowman family, and she promised herself that today she would bring it up to Mrs. Bowman. Convince her that Charlie needed help that only Lindsey could provide. Charlie had lived on the other side of the wall for too long to make it a quick transformation, but Lindsey was confident the boy could change.

And if Mrs. Bowman refused to listen, then Lindsey would take her case to Mr. Bowman. He always seemed much more reasonable.

Hugging the Greatest Day book to her chest, Lindsey could feel the love from the Hosts. She was in a fantastic mood, ready to remain steadfast no matter what happened today. Thinking about what was to come did that. She wished others could see what she saw in the Hosts. Especially those who thought resisting was an only option. It wasn't. There were wonderful things ahead.

Across the street, a little boy pressed himself against a bay window, his cheeks smashed like clay aggressively shoved against the glass. He was thin, clearly not getting enough to eat, which was a common problem. It was nothing to be sad about, Lindsey knew. When everything finally transpired for the Greatest Day, people would see. It may not be her that would help others realize the comfort and warmth the Hosts planned to provide, but it could be one of her peers. And that was fine by her: her job was everyone’s job.

Lindsey raised her head higher and affected an even larger smile. Her Greatest Day friends often wondered with glee how she managed to make a big smile even bigger, and she usually told them all she had to do was think of the Hosts. She waved energetically at the boy, who stepped back from the window, disgust suddenly masking his face. He popped up his hands and lifted his two middle fingers at Lindsey.

Her stomach jumped more from irritation than shock. But Lindsey’s smile remained as colossal as ever, and she made sure the gleam in her eyes didn’t falter. This was resolve. Resolve would keep her going. Resolve would win. It had before, it will continue to win.

The boy dashed away from the window as Lindsey made her way through the final twenty feet to the Bowman’s door. Regarding this door she had gone through many times, Lindsey remembered an old saying: When God closes a door, he opens another. Lindsey liked the Hosts’ saying better: Behind every door is a chance to show your love for the Greatest Day.

A deep breath. Head held high. Shoulders back. Spine straight.

Lindsey knocked on the Bowman’s door and held her book out in front of her at waist height. That way, Gracie could see that Lindsey hadn’t let the fiasco from yesterday bother her. That Lindsey’s resolve found another book, and Lindsey’s resolve brought her back to teach more about forthcoming events.

And also to show Gracie that with faith in the Hosts, every day can be the greatest day.

Gregory M. Thompson
Feb. 2017

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