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The world is slowly being overtaken by Risers and Runners, and twelve men and women called Indiscriminates are charged with protecting the world from these menaces. For five years the balance was manageable. One day it all became too much for the Indiscriminates and the program was shut down. But not before two went missing and one was killed. Can the rest survive these seemingly targeted attacks?

For Bas, an Indiscriminate looking after the Midwest, he must choose between duty or fellowship when the world is in danger of losing all humans.


My Only One for Kindle : $1.49

My Only One for Kobo : $1.49

My Only One paperback (Amazon): $4.99

My Only One paperback (Createspace): $4.99


One book. That’s all you’re allowed to own in a future where the world is run by Bureaus and the United Conglomerate of States. There’s a Bureau to control everything from food rations, electricity, and what you read. It’s a restrictive life for a Citizen. Morton works as an Agent for the Bureau of Lights and Flames and one day his daughter, Eliana, brings home a second book. Fearful, Morton decides to bring back the book to its rightful owner, setting in motion a chain of activity that tests Morton’s loyalty to his daughter and the Bureau he works for.



Nightcry cover

Nightcry for nook : $.99

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Set in the present in a Midwestern small town, Nightcry is about Grant Sykes, who has returned to his hometown of Ilton to run the local paper. Soon, people start to die and fingers point to him--it doesn't help the evidence continues to amass against Grant. He thinks the deaths may have something to do with a supernatural being that killed his parents years ago, but the local Police Chief has other theories. Grant recruits the help of a ghosthunter to investigate the suspected banshee while Grant figures out means to prove his innocence.

The Golden Door cover

The Golden Door for nook : $.99

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Paperback Copies, 5.25x8: $8.99

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Two boys, ages 14 and 9, have recently lost their mother and have difficulties finding comfort in their emotionally and occasionally physically abusive father. That same summer, they witness their father continuously painting a door golden-yellow in their house and soon, their curiosity overcomes them to find out what's behind the door.


The Horde Trilogy

After hearing the converted tornado siren and watching a mass exodus from the campground that has served as home for three months, Percy, Jack, Harry, Melody and Joann make a decision to move further into the state park to find solace from the undead. However, as they move deeper into the forest, a discovery awaits them that is more horrific than what is chasing them.

All three Hordes in paperback!

Horde Trilogy paperback cover

Horde Trilogy at Amazon: $6.99!

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Horde cover


Horde for Kindle: 99 cents!



Horde 2 Greener Pastures cover

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Horde 3 Egression cover

Horde 3 for Kindle: 99 cents!

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Other Books


Underneath the Trees cover

Underneath the Trees for Kindle:
99 cents!

Underneath the Trees for nook:
99 cents!

Available as a paperback:
Underneath the Trees


A simple collection of poems that deal with love, despair, confusion...pretty much what poets have been writing about for years.


Things in Dark and Light cover

Things in Dark and Light for Kindle:
99 cents

Things in Dark and Light for nook:
99 cents!

Things in Dark and Light for Kobo:
99 cents!

Looking for something creepy? Suspenseful? Maybe a little scary? Then THINGS IN DARK & LIGHT is for you. Authors Gregory M. Thompson, Andrew Saxsma, and Jason Ross Jordan give you two stories each to provide you with a little frightful nudge. The only thing you'll question is where that nudge is actually coming from.

Stories include:
"Pale Riders" by Andrew Saxsma
"Daydreaming" by Jason Ross Jordan
"Two Hours" by Gregory M. Thompson"
"The Black Friar" by Jason Ross Jordan
"The Hatin'" by Andrew Saxsma
"Lucie" by Gregory M. Thompson






Where to purchase books that contain my stuff!

Welcome to Hell Anthology cover


"Cora" in Welcome to Hell: an Anthology of Western Weirdness. Anthology available as a paperback or ebook from Amazon and paperback or ebook from Barnes and Noble.



Concisely Issue 5 cover


"The Compartments" in Issue #5 of Concisely.


Steampunk anthology cover


"The Shifting Machine" in Anthology of Steampunk. Currently this anthology is out of print. If anyone knows where this can be purchased, shoot me an e-mail. Here is the Amazon link for now.