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Next Stop: On April 12, I'll be at the Fountaindale Public Library in Bolingbrook, IL selling and signing copies of my books! It's from 11 a.m.-4 p.m., so stop on by!


Thanks for stopping by to visit a world of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. I'm your tour guide, Gregory M. Thompson. I am obligated to go over the safety procedures in case you fall into one of my stories. I should just tell you now: there are no such procedures. The only thing you can do is finish the book or story. And hopefully you'll make it out alive.

On your left, you'll see the standard links, which include a few free first chapters for you to read and where to find me on social media.

On your right is the News section. There I got Upcoming events, new releases, and other interesting things that I might be doing. If there's someting interesting that I should be doing, why not shoot me a quick message?

Otherwise, tip-toe around because what lurks in these pages... Well, I shouldn't stay anymore. Enjoy your visit and don't worry, it's okay to scream.




The world is slowly being overtaken by Risers and Runners, and twelve men and women called Indiscriminates are charged with protecting the world from these menaces. For five years the balance was manageable. One day it all became too much for the Indiscriminates and the program was shut down. But not before two went missing and one was killed. Can the rest survive these seemingly targeted attacks?

For Bas, an Indiscriminate looking after the Midwest, he must choose between duty or fellowship when the world is in danger of losing all humans.

Indiscrminate for Kindle: $1.49
Indiscrminate for Kobo: $1.49
Indiscrminate for nook: $1.49

Indiscrminate paperback (Amazon): $5.99
Indiscrminate paperback (Createspace): $5.99


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